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The exhibition – In tune with the world

Musée Louis Vuitton

Musée Louis Vuitton

From April 11 to August 27, the exhibition “In tune with the world” is held in the building designed by Franck Gehry.

The Louis Vuitton Foundation is holding a new selection of artists around the theme : the place of Man in the universe and the new approach that links him to his environment and the world.

Two itineraries, bringing together modern and contemporary works, on the one hand the exhibition lead us to discover the universe of the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and the second entitled “man in the world of living” brings together 28 French and international artists (Matthew Barney, Christian Boltanski, Kiki Smith, Maurizio Cattelan, Adrian Villar Rojas, François Morellet, Henri Matisse, Alberto Giacometti, Bunny Rogers…).

For me the opportunity to rediscover the wonderful and imaginery world of the Japanese artist Murakami. A mix of genres, between kawaii aestheticism, pop manga, joyful, sweet ; but also a darker world with fantastic characters, animals, monsters, with references to ancient masters of painting and Buddhist iconography and animation films. Referring to the various traumas Japan has suffered in recent years : earthquakes, the tsunami or further back in time the atomic bomb. A mix of traditional pictorial techniques and cutting-edge technologies, his works leave their mark on the audience : from Mr DOB,  the kawaii space to The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg, one lets oneself be carried into his fantastic universe.

Forrest Companion – 2017

The panda animal omnipresent in the universe of Murakami, thrones here on a mountain of skulls in the shape of sphere. Overlooking miniature pandas playing with bamboos.

Forest Companions of Takashi Murakami

As the Interdimensional Waves Run Through Me, I Can Distinguish Between The Voices of Angel And Devil – 2011

From the japanese school in Kano, Murakami shows his interest in the traditional iconography of the chinese lion. His reinterpretation shows us the image of a lion looking harmless lying on a bridge composed of colored skulls.

The voices of Angel and Devil of Takashi Murakami

A.K.A Gero Tan : Noah’s Ark – 2016

DOB is a malicious figure who metamorphoses into a fierce monster. Murakami was inspired by Kitaro, a supernatural creature, from a famous manga he read as a child. Here DOB is presented in different shapes and colors, with mushrooms and flowers sprouting around his head.

A.K.A Gero Tan : Noah’s Ark of Takashi Murakami


Inspired by the kawaii aestheticism, called cute, Murakami appropriates his codes and develops a universe populated with mischievous characters, monsters, strange animals, childish figures.

Kawaii aestheticism of Takashi Murakami

The Ocotopus Eats Its Own Leg – 2017

Imagined after the 2011 tsunami, this 35 meter long fresco features characters from traditional Chinese mythology ; in accordance with the Taoist quest, a sample of eight citizens ( a beggar, a sorcerer, a soldier, a woman, an old man…) would have pierced the secrets of nature to reach eternal life.

The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg of Takashi Murakami

Carrara marble and nylon 12PA, from the series The Theater of Disappearance – 2017

The man in the world of living or the work of the artist Adrian Villar Rojas, with his sculpture referring to the famous David of Michelangelo, from which there would remain only the leg where two kittens play. A bit like an allusion to a vanished world, where art and humanity would have been  annihilated and only the fragments would remain.

The theater of disappearance of Adrian Villar Rojas

Avalanche – 2006

The Avalanche, geometric work of François Morellet, thirty six tubes of aragon suspended horizontally and vertically, evoke the image of a fall, in an icy glow and an organized disorder.

The avalanche of François Morellet

Felix the Cat – 2013

Felix the Cat created by artist Mark Leckey is inspired by his cultural and material environment. In 1928, the image of Felix the cat was scanned, transformed into a signal to be transmitted by air, and visible on a remote screen, thus becoming the first image to be televised. With his inflatable version, the artist is celebrating a pioneer of the electronic age.

Felix the Cat of Mark Leckey

Annunciation – 2010

This sculpture evokes the Annunciation, by Kiki Smith. The suspended gesture, like a statue or the apprehension of an invisible object. The enigmatic character of the androgynous face of the sculpture is wanted by the artist.

The Annunciation of Kiki Smith

Great Woman II – 1960

The Great Woman II by Alberto Giacometti was commissioned by the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York and is one of four females figures by the artist.

Great woman II of Alberto Giacometti

I hope it made you want to discover his different artists and especially Takashi Murakami who is my favorite of his exhibition.

Enjoy your visit !

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