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4 Days in Mykonos

Les quatre moulins de Mykonos Grèce

Les quatre moulins de Mykonos Grèce

Mykonos, small white houses that dazzle us with a sea that merges with the sky, our destination.

The island of Mykonos, probably, one of the  best known, among the many cycladic islands. There are about 220 of them the most important Andros, Antiparos, Delos, Kea, Kimolos, Naxos, Santorin or Thira, Paros, to name just a few ; and the smallest often unoccupied like Donousa, Gyaros, Koufonisia…

Since last year, i was planning, a week on the Greek islands. The summer season had initially been chosen, but after consulting the rates, i changed my mind. During this period, prices can go from simple to triple. The best times are finally April-May and September-October. There is a lot of Wind on the islands, but as soon as it calms down, temperatures can quickly climb, days are warm, 25 degrees and evenings cool 17 degrees. The crowd is less present, except when the liners dump visitors for a day.

Mykonos Bay Greece

Here we are, on the plane that takes us to Santorini (i was a bit too late to find direct tickets to Mykonos, no more tickets, which means this season is very popular, no big deal we’ll take the boat, once there). Twenty minutes from the Airport is the port, in Athinios Bay, for departure to the islands. If you need to buy tickets, the sales office is located between the mini market and a souvenir shop. The next time i’ll buy them in advance. We tried two companies Seajets and Hellenic Seaways, the prices are nearly same, but the second company is better equipped, more comfortable. But to tell you all the story, the day we arrived, there was so much Wind, that all the boats had either been cancelled or delayed, only one departure maintained, the uncertainties of the weather. Fortunately, we were there, for the only boat of the day. The crossing takes 2h15 in good weather, with a stormy sea it lasted 3h, it was really no fun. But that, nobody can do anything about it, predicting weather is complicated.

The relief at Mykonos is rather flat and granitic, the island is 150km from Athens, the northeast quarter of the cyclades, the light is exceptional, the sky with its white houses, and this dark land, the landscape is captivating.

Mykonos Sunset Greece

With the same name as the island, Mykonos or Chora is the capital, located on the seaside. A real labyrinth (i had trouble finding my way around), with pretty little winding alleys, grey and white paving and all white houses, tiny chapels, the village has kept its cycladic, charming character.

Old town Mykonos Greece
Katrin restaurant Mykonos

Among the most identifiable elements of the Mykonos landscape are the windmills known throughout the world. There are four left, facing Little Venice, in the Niochori district. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the island had more than twenty windmills, which contributed to the production of wheat, a fundamental element of its economic development. Today they remain like a trace, of an old era, no more in activity, but essential, it is hard to imagine Mykonos without these mills.

Mykonos mills Greece

Little Venice, in the Alefkandra district, is a succession of beautiful houses with colourful Windows suspended above the sea. Built in the 18th century for wealthy merchants and capitains, today it is the place to admire the sunsets or have a drink at Semeli Bar, or in the early evening at Caprice Bar.

Little Venice Mykonos Greece
Portrait at Little Venice Mykonos
Semeli Bar Mykonos Greece

We had a very large selection for lunch. The cuisine is very varied some addresses, the Koursaros, first of all, not a traditional greek cuisine, but as proof that there is everything. This its speciality seafood and suchi, the atmosphere in a white, modern and blue light ; the cuisine is elaborate, flavors a mixture of spices and herbs, fabulous. Plan a budget accordingly (75€-100€ per person). The Nautilus, a traditional cuisine, the setting is charming, terraces open, the nice staff helps me in my choices. I didn’t take any risk, i had a salmon (excellent seasoning) and the homemade millefeuille (light) which was recommended. The budget is softer (45€-65€ per person). The Semeli Bar i named previously is a good address for lunch in Little Venice.

Koursaros restaurant Mykonos
Koursaros dish Mykonos
Nautilus restaurant Mykonos

Many chapels, churches are to visit on the island, we went to Ano Mera, about thirty minutes by car from Mykonos, it is one of the most populated villages, after Chora. Constitued in its center of the monastery Panagia Tourliani and its Church. The cloister was founded in the 16th century, in 1542 by two monks and restructured in 1767, inside there is a magnificient gilded wooden iconostasis and liturgical objects, old icons… impressive.

Panagia Tourliani Monastery Mykonos

A nice discovery in Parenga, a beach not yet fully settled when we go there, but a great place to enjoy its tavern Tassos Taverna, feet in the sand, overlooking the turquoise blue sea, eating local produce.

Tasos Taverna Mykonos
Paranga Beach Mykonos
Portrait Paranga Beach Mykonos

Our stay ends, we leave tomorrow for the destination of Thira, better known as Santorini.

It’s hard to leave here, to be honest, i’ll stay a bit longer, my little family agrees with me. No, we are really well in Mykonos, the people are nice, the weather was finally ideal, and the setting is fantastic, it has only a small flaw, it is not necessarily affordable. For a long stay, rent a car can be judicious ; there are rental agencies all over the island (on the old port Chora).

I hope you liked this article, and it made you feel interested to discover the beautiful Mykonos.

Avtio. (Bye Bye)


Useful addresses :

Shipping company Hellenic Seaways :

Semeli Bar : Little Venice, Mykonos, Chora, tél : +30 69 44 385 959.

Caprice Bar : Little Venice, Mykonos, Chora, tél : +30 22 89 023 541.

Restaurant Koursaros (seafood, suchi) : Meletopoulou square, Mykonos, tél : + 30 22 89 078 140.

Restaurant Nautilus (traditional greek) : Lakka, Mykonos, Choras, tél : +30 22 89 027 100.

And an exceptional hotel, with impeccable service, you will say normal, for a hotel of this category, but believe me it is not always the case.

Bill&Coo hotel

Bill&Coo Hotel Mykonos
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