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Pink Mamma restaurant

View of Pink Mamma restaurant Paris 9

View of Pink Mamma restaurant Paris 9

I guess you’re already heard, more or less, about the Big Mamma Group, a French compagny, for an Italian restaurant in the heart of Paris.

Opened in spring 2015, East Mamma, the first of the group’s success story created by Tigrane Seydoux and Victor Lugger ; the concept is so well thought that others come to enlarge the list : Ober Mamma, Mamma Primi, Biglove Caffé, Pizza Popolare and Pink Mamma. The idea, good italian products, the places always designed to make you feel good, friendly, warm and the italian staff is super welcoming. The menu changes every month according to the seasons.

Pink Mamma restaurant 20bis rue de Douai Paris 9
The Pink Mamma room

Our lunch with a friend, it took place in the week, we arrived for 12h15, to tell you the restaurant fills up quickly, we did well to be there early. I ask for a table on the top floor, the decoration with the bay windows, omnipresent vegetation, old posters, objects that give impression of being chiné, long tables where two or more can eat, i like the idea.

Our order a burrata (14 euros) as an appetizer, with anchovies, which flows when cut in half, a delight. The pasta dish with cuttlefish ink with grilled squid and yellow pepper cream (14 euros) for me, and for my friend pasta with truffles (18 euros), with mascarpone cream and small mushrooms, i see you salivate, you’re right, it’s good. I was even apprehensive, with the cuttlefish ink, afraid of too much presence, and that it would stay in the mouth after the meal, not at all, it goes very well with the small touches of pepper cream. My friend’s dish looks pretty good too, at least, for her, nothing to say, coming from an Italian, it’s pretty good sign, right ?

Appetizer burrata at Pink Mamma
Dishes at Pink Mamma

The desserts a frozen yogurt di bosco (8 euros), a yogurt with blackberry and blueberry ice cream with raspberry coulis, pieces of meringue and homemade whipped cream, for my friend and for me a deliziosa crostata (8 euros), rhubarb tartlet, with its whipped cream, do not tell me that you remained completely insensitive and it will not give you envy, i will have difficulty believing you ; and to have already tried the tigramisu (7euros) there, sincerely you will have the embarrasment of the choice.

Pink Mamma rhubarb tartlet dessert
Tigramisu at the Pink Mamma restaurant

Well for sure, it’s hard to find a place, but if you do it like me, there’s no reason they can’t find for you a table, the room on the ground floor is really nice too, even if i prefer the one on the top floor. I hope my article gave you the desire to discover the Pink Mamma.

Have a good time !

Ground floor room Pink Mamma restaurant

Address :

Pink Mamma restaurant : 20bis rue de Douai Paris 9. (No reservation).


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