Paris under the snow

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When the snow falls on Paris, it has a magicial effect.

What should be perfectly normal in winter becomes something completely unusual. Life is slowing down as if we’d never seen this before in Paris (it’s become so rare).

Dalida Place Montmartre Paris
Dalida Place Montmartre

Snow gives a whole new aspect to this city, it’s enlightened. A nice thick white snow, not a few snowflakes that melt in seconds, leaving puddles of water. I will only talk about the good side of this snow blanket, there are like anything else, inconveniences. In big city so unfamiliar with snow, 1cm or 0.5 inches on the ground and life stops.

Montmartre Hill Paris
Montmartre Hill
Montmartre Le Refuge
Montmartre Le Refuge


Obviously this moment had to be captured and what better place could we choose than Montmartre? I know i overstate Montmartre it is not the only cool place in the capital.

Montmartre steps Paris
Montmartre steps
Pretty houses of Montmartre Paris
Pretty houses of Montmartre


But it’s my favorite one in Paris, a village in the town, i do not get tired of Montmartre, in any season, i love it!

Improvised sledge in Montmartre
Improvised sledge in Montmartre
Le Consulat Montmartre Paris
Le Consulat Montmartre
Basilica Sacré Coeur Montmartre Paris
Basilica Sacré Cœur of Montmartre
Montmartre Mills Paris
Montmartre Mills


We can admire Montmartre under the snow until the spring days come and cherry trees bloom!


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