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Exhibition at the Royal Village of the artist Julien Marinetti

Exhibition of sculptures

On the occasion of the Chinese, New Year ( based on the lunar calendar, the year of the dog follow the year of the cock) the Royal Village located at 25 rue Royale in Paris 8e, exhibits the sculptures of Julien Marinetti.

His famous bulldog Doggy John, as also Bâ the panda and his latest creation the Buddha, from the 7th February to 29th April 2018.


Village Royal entrance Paris 8e


The artist Julien Marinetti

The artist painter, sculptor, engraver and designer, is known for his sculptures of bulldog, panda, Penguin, skull.

Made of earth, then bronze and worked like a canvas with a succession of layers of acrylic paint, the work is then lacquered, each sculpture is unique.

His iconic work Doggy John has been exhibited in major cities : Paris, New York, London, Singapore…

Sculpture Doggy John by Julien Marinetti
Passage Village Royal Paris 8e
Sculpture Bâ panda by Julien Marinetti
Sculpture Buddha by Julien Marinetti


His latest work the Buddha is exhibited for the first time at the Royal Village.



Village Royal, 25 rue Royale Paris 8e.

Closed on Sunday.

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