Pastries for St Valentine’s Day

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Say it with words, with flowers…and why not pastries ?

A suggestion for this Valentine’s Day from two famous pastry Chef : for the first one, you can personnalized your eclair and for the second, a heart shape for his classic macaron named Symphony.

St Valentine’s day or how to say i love you with some pastries.


L’Eclair de Génie

By Christophe Adam, (awarded twice best pastry Chef of the year by Pudlo guide in 2014 and the Relais Desserts in 2015) has launched L’Eclair de Génie in 2012, his workshop name, a hyper creative mind around the Eclair.

For the Valentine’s day the selection is a box of four mini eclairs, with different flavours : chocolate cream, vanilla cream, passion cream and salted butter caramel cream and their sweet words…i love you, a bit, so much…

12 euros per box.

And my favorite one the eclair with a flavour of rose litchi raspberry, amazing !

Mini eclairs from L'Eclair de Génie
Mini eclairs from L’Eclair de Génie
Litchi eclair from L'Eclair de Génie
Litchi eclair from L’Eclair de Génie


Sadaharu AOKI pastry shop

Sadaharu Aoki (second awards in 2013) opened his workshop in 1998, and his boutique in 2001.

There is a touch of modernity and originality on his créations such as the Paris Brest cake with chestnut macha, or its Mont Blanc cake chestnut macha, green tea cream, meringue coated with milk chocolate and rum.

His suggestion for the occasion, a violet macaron, creme brulée, Earl Grey tea, violet mousseline cream and raspberry, a delight for the eyes and a pleasure to taste !

6 euros the pastry.

Macaron Symphony from AOKI
Macaron Symphony from AOKI
Mont Blanc chestnut macha from AOKI
Mont Blanc chestnut macha from AOKI


I faced with such a dilemma, which one should i take…Instead of giving up i decided to take both.

Enjoy it !

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